BGclipr and Foot Model... i’m also scared of seaweed

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  1. J.M

    im late but done

  2. Shuresca Paula

    I dit not know that kouvr curses😂😂

  3. Shuresca Paula

    I dit not know that kouvr curses😂😂

  4. Matthew Gosinski

    i have ben subed but my channel is Shadow streams

  5. mia castro


  6. Sakshee Borse

    Alex please get married more often! It's fun😂

  7. Cady Islam Marghany

    Probably the longest video Alex had filmed

  8. akshadha prabhu

    Why is James here

  9. It’s just anna

    Done my instagram is annabellesworldsa and my profile is in a pool

  10. Ethan Abraham


  11. Tepany Fairfull

    Followed you for ages

  12. Mackenzie Preston


  13. Spa time Groovy

    Calvin is my fav I want him to be my besstie

  14. Ekra Abdiwahab


  15. Grace 102

    Done. Since 2019.

  16. Butterfly’s Fam

    Vegmite is good

  17. Catherine Gordon

    Its not I have one

  18. FFFoxxy


  19. Trish Cook

    Just send me to the nothing ahaha but will always follow 😂🤤

  20. vanessa bates

    Alex before 2021 he looks so skinny OMG thats insane

  21. taylah barton

    The way they make me so happy when I’m having a crap day is amazing

  22. abby loman

    done my insta is (abbyloman) :)))

  23. Melissa medrano

    Is nobody going to talk about the intro and intro is old but it's never old for me

  24. Jenna Pryce

    Patrick and Calvin are barley in the vlogs anymore there not the spot light any more lol

  25. Mikey Inniss


  26. Roblox Random's

    When u talk about the LORD don’t leave out his Powerful WRATH ✝️😊🙏❤️❤️ JESUS IS KING ✝️😊🙏👑❤️ .

  27. Jordyn Stewart

    the interdouction :(((((((

  28. 20XxaestheicXx20 ._._

    5 years wow Dixie and love the spit take practice makes perfect

  29. Keely Bowman

    Done 😊

  30. Paige Wallace

    The funny thing is chases song 21 century vampire has 7.8 views in 2 months

    1. Paige Wallace

      Keep in mind it is 7.8 million

  31. Raygun Klippert


  32. Raquel Blumenthal


  33. Suk Kang

    Okay why is mai the same when she high and not high

  34. Kamryn Burns

    Noah seeing this 👁 👄 👁

  35. Carmen Mendoza

    I have a cat at the same age as stormy and is all white with light ocean blue eyes and his name is Milo (pronounced my-lo)

  36. Carter Hanson

    Chrli would be the girl the woopd everyone

  37. Skye Wiley

    Marry her marry her marry her marry her marry her marry her marry her marry her marry marry her marry her

  38. Tad Smith


  39. Jade Wandall


  40. Jucyria Womack

    My Birthday is September 15th

  41. Brittany Shaw

    Yay there married now

  42. Ruby Wellard

    I am Australian

  43. Hope Davis

    Alex warren could you make a video saying “ hopes amazing “ somebody once made fun of me for being tiny and they said “ you should be in kindergarten “ and also tonight I have a very very painful shot.. it was for me to grow it was very very painful.. From your dear biggest fan, Hope E. Davis

  44. Eabha McBride

    done 💌

  45. Saphyre and Aaliyah BFFs


  46. Ava Jauss


  47. Shxgar.melany


  48. Tiffani Kimball

    Done 🤷🏽‍♀️

  49. Bella

    Why did you change the intro I like both but I just wanted to know

  50. m zaim

    Larry lit

  51. Mariana Garcia

    is no one gonna talk bout how in the beginning they did a scene from the fast and furious like no wayyy

  52. Miya Palmer

    The way Micheal was holding her back 😔🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺✌️🐀🔫

  53. jesusm Mendoza

    First ting song was like dip he is a dum guy


    Is that Miley Cyrus at 3:14?

  55. Addie Hajdu


  56. arianna chappell

    i ahve been subcribd for a really long time and i just want to tell you my insta is ari chapppell or achappell800

  57. Cedreona Fair


  58. Giada Roemer


  59. Jamie McCulloch


  60. Elena Rambali


  61. Adriana Loryan

    Alex I followed way back last year 😂😂

  62. Fayth Spero

    Get married to KOUVR

  63. E and J Gaming

    Why do you always Tauscher your friends

  64. Rwalling 6894

    Done ✔️

  65. carsyn ashley


  66. Quickky


  67. Its Evia


  68. foamy-roblox

    1:34 awe 🥺❤

  69. Chayce c

    the fear in patrick’s eyes when the doctors told him he got his wisdom teeth out already so funny!!

  70. Parker Meador

    For the ping pong get the person off of dude perfict

  71. kristofer Kolaj

    Done and i love yor vids

  72. Purva Patel


  73. piper grace

    Dose kouvr have a gmail

  74. Avangeline Hernandez

    Done I subscribe to you well I’ve been subscribed to you

  75. Peyton Bradberry


  76. TT And Ny Playz Roblox


  77. Georgina Barnes

    I can't be the only one who realized friends was spelt wrong in the intro

  78. Brianna Baugh

    Man my one dream in life is to become apart of the Hype House

  79. kayden patterson

    the OG intro 10/10

    1. kayden patterson

      its just hit different