BGclipr and Foot Model... i’m also scared of seaweed

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  1. KC Henderson


  2. myra aggarwal

    my baaaabbyyy -nessa

  3. star jay

    Kouvr- can we have one Alex- WHA- NO-

  4. Karen Lin

    title: babysitting sienna for 24 hours the amount of time shown from their day: one minute

  5. Lillianna Santiago Scott

    You are helareyes

  6. puppy pack art

    Plssss do me

  7. Ella Castor


  8. Kiana 123

    Alex says his assistant taught third grade and he was teaching Michael what an onomatopoeia is. I didn't even know what that was until high school

  9. Jadel Flanders

    Not me crying because vinne kissed that girl I'm I--i--i don't know what to say😪😭😭😭😓

  10. Ava Baxendale

    Love your videos so much you are so funny

  11. Naomi Bautista

    When is the show coming out in need to know

  12. Mya's Darling


  13. Mariah Kessler

    I really want to be part of the club but I don’t have money

  14. Zion glory Reid


  15. Amber Nguyen

    I saw LARRAYS address im on my way (jk)

  16. Don't post

    The reason you guys are so hyper is because you drink that😅😅🤣🤣

  17. Emery Lucio

    Hi emery

  18. Emery Lucio


  19. Claire Stroud

    “One of my neighbors just ask why my little sister was driving my car”Kouvr “where is this bitch I want to run over her car now😈”

  20. DJ Charles Hollett

    do itttttttttt

  21. Daysy Hipolito


  22. Jocelyn Araiza

    4:49 ahah

  23. Tania Fuentes

    Y’all canceled it tho..

  24. Shashi Singh

    I love vinnie reaction

  25. Ryleigh Stevenson

    but when they have their own actual kids its gonna be serious...😭😭 maybe😏

  26. Megane Doyon

    No sugar

  27. banaan 43

    can some1 please tell me what the outro song name is?

  28. Y/n Riddle

    700th comment

  29. Allison Dugger

    I’m pretty sure it’s baby will not Oliveira Oliveirais for sunburns

  30. world wide . funny guys💜

    Tana gets exposed ALOT but she’s still and icon 😭✋🏻💗💗💗

  31. Emmalina Berard

    Anyone else see this in 2021

  32. Big_Chungus420

    Kouvr needs to learn to play ukulele so she can make a channel called kouvrlele

  33. lainey Mann

    Larry is the funniest person alive

  34. chayce marie

    ok am i the only one who wants michael and alex to go on world tour their so f-ing good together

  35. Addison Petti

    Oh my god when Calvin scared Alex it was so funny but it scared me to

  36. Addison Petti

    I love and want kouvrs mood kouvr is the best

  37. Addison Petti

    I love kouvr and Mia so much just how Mia said she just said f you b

  38. obey drizz

    I swear I watched all these videos on tik tok for how short they are

  39. Miraculous

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought kovur was actually pregnant lol

  40. Josue Cruz

    This was a funny video

  41. Miraculous

    Honestly I think that kovur and Alex show have a baby

  42. juste zemaityte

    why am i watching this 2 years later?

  43. Madison Barrera

    I love you

  44. thechanelstan •

    the fact that larri is more surprised than me

  45. Gissell Ayalanataren

    When I first saw this I was like I- Now when I see it every week Me:Eh Im used to it lol

  46. Ayesha Makik

    It's Michaels only girlfriend that's why he's mad

  47. Elizabeth Baldeo


  48. JmillarYT

    Sadly none of us can enter the hype house unless we are afraid of really weird shit for example. Alex: fear of elevator (wtf) Kouvr:fear of ducks (understandable) Thomas: FEAR OF FUCKING SYRUP (EVEN MORE WTF)

  49. kr8

    Didnt this kid get canceled, im surprised he is still posting

  50. kr8

    Didnt this kid get canceled, im surprised he is still posting

  51. kr8

    Didnt this kid get canceled, im surprised he is still posting

  52. kr8

    Didnt this kid get canceled, im surprised he is still posting

  53. Kayla McMillan

    Kouvr would be the fav parent if she would do that with kids

  54. Kayla Powell

    Nick: so no sugar like at all Alex: mhm got it Also Alex five mins later: Ok Sienna which donut do you want?

  55. Seedat

    Mia comes out with a swiffer 😅😅😅

  56. JennyNotFound

    Get ready for kouvr yelling at alex for doing dangerous stuff with their child😭

  57. Medi Quitoriano

    B A V I D B O D R I K

  58. Victor Gonzalez

    Ahhh y’all need a kid lol

  59. Victor Gonzalez

    At the end I see why y’all went up so fast ,humble till the end

  60. Victor Gonzalez

    Dude I’m done with all of them , honestly good videos

  61. Kathryn Kehr

    Michael and Vinny‘s friendship is everything!

  62. Victor Gonzalez

    Ahhh fack getting to the end

  63. Victor Gonzalez

    Ahhhh okay okay

  64. abdullah qahtani

    I was gonna comment a negative comment but then thought why would it I'll just keep ut to my self

  65. Victor Gonzalez

    I had to watch 142 videos before this one bc didn’t want to be out of context and was best decision ever