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    In today's video I caught mia doing something interesting in my bathtub, Patrick and Kouvr fight for the front seat, Calvin and I try to get rid of a giant spider in my room, Ryland pranks his mom, and Patrick and Mia might kiss?!
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    1. Maddison Wilson

      Aussie be like that is a tiny spider

    2. Ariana Mendoza

      I love you gays🖕🏼

    3. Cindy Compton

      Patrick and Kouvr are fighting while Mia “ I should of got a tortilla “ 😂

    4. chayce marie

      two things 1 that fact that kouvr and patty are fighting and mia is just complaining about not having tortillas is everything 2 and mia and kouvr are my emotional support animals

    5. Megan RH Riley

      mia: reason why i like being in your video bc people ask me if im high 24/7 and im not anymore the next day mias is high.....again

    6. Neveyah Sanchez


    7. Teliah O’Connor

      You call that a spider! Try living in australia

    8. Jamie Vives

      its not a beach its a bath tub

    9. Kazmiana Prospere

      🏊 there a fucking stane

    10. Elisa A

      I love Mia 😂😂

    11. Jaimee Parker-Brown

      I love your videos I love your videos and you’re so funny I love Patrick he’s so funny

    12. Kyle Britt

      Alex, Kouvr, Calvin, Mia, Patrick, Angel, Ryland and Connor Angle is doing a warm down the floor and Alex said if Mia and Patrick dating for a day and Mia said oh my god Alex said 50 dollars for kissing and Patrick said no and Kouvr and Patrick are fighting for who is sitting on the front sit and Alex is laughing and Mia said I forgot a drink and Patrick said Kouvr you farted and Kouvr said no it’s your mouth and Alex, Kouvr, Patrick and Mia are laughing and Alex said Calvin what you think of my videos other day put the sticky note and said kick me they kick me and Kouvr I have to go to the bathroom and Mia said fuck you b and Alex is laughing Mia said because of your videos 247 not any more and Alex is laughing Angle said about in the videos and Angel said I hit Calvin for this planet and Alex is laughing and Connor is driving Alex’s his track and Connor what are doing and lumberjack out the end of the rainbow and laughing and the sunset Alex said having a. and Mia said oh my god and Kouvr said you make fun me and called me. shark bite and Ryland said I want the gum ball and Mia said you be nice to me know and Ryland said yes ahhh bitch and Alex said it’s a big spider in the room and Calvin is singing about its a spider in the room and Alex is laughing and being funny and Calvin said I hit spiders and being funny acting like a spider and Calvin is taken a shower and saying ow and Alex is flash the toilet and saying ow again and Alex is laughing flashing it again and laughing and Patrick is fighting Alex’s sit and Patrick said it’s hitting your feelings and Alex said yeah and Patrick is being a dick and Alex said do you vip bro and Connor said let me do vip tricks and Mia is in the bathtub and Mia said Patrick welcome my beach and Patrick said it’s a bathtub and Ryland is gonna prank his with vodka and Alex said Ryland why fuck in the video and Angle is showing muscles and kissing Alex’s cheek it’s funny and Alex is laughing and Patrick said wow can I break it and Alex said no I’m gonna upset and saying funny about Kouvr’s mom and Alex is laughing I love you guys and my sister Mia I love you all Ohio

    13. Sophie Meeks

      At 1:03 the way Mia said it, and what she said I was dying!

    14. Melissa Hamilton

      I want to do what Mia did I did it in a pool 😑

    15. JBGtv

      wow he looks so different here than now. if that makes sense

    16. pytchvr


    17. Frida Provstgaard

      Love kouver

    18. raw potato UwU

      Kouvr is gonna fucking kill Angel for kissing you

    19. Ally Taylor

      I lovvveee yoouuuu

    20. Emma Hooper


    21. Emiliano Escareno

      Alex hi

    22. Jules Aesthetic

      Angel: *🦟🦗🦟🦗* oh thats where the stain was...

    23. Naylani Melecio

      The grind tho😳

    24. Olivia

      kouvr *I need to pee* Mia: she said *FCK you b* LMAO

    25. Olivia


    26. Giada Aiello

      I’ve watched this abt 200 times just bc of the way Calvin jumped 💀😂

    27. Marina Morgan

      Alex looks so different with brown hair

    28. Teanah Coetzee

      No one No one at all Not even a soul Patrik :did god just take a poop😂😂😂😂😂😂

    29. Teanah Coetzee

      Mia:she said fuke u b 😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Sean Ally

      It’s a fun king stain

    31. Dradens Vlogs

      bruh rylands mom gave no fucks if he was drinking or not

    32. Paula Lansley

      kover looks so diffrent from know

    33. Regans channel

      Rylan- can I have a quarter Mia- will you be nice to me Rylan- please Mia- fine Rylan- HA B!TCH

    34. Inara Castle

      That's the smallest spider I've ever seen

    35. Ava’s Boring World

      No one: Absolutely no one: Mia: I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A TORTILLA!

    36. Lilly Kearney

      Papper always does the crazy stunts tho

    37. Allison Acton

      The end tho🤣🤣🤣

    38. Brantlee Rinehart

      one day i actually go to bad at 9:00

    39. Marbella Burgueno


    40. Daniel Hamm


    41. Lance Foster

      1:58 lolll

    42. losiinq_ Chloe

      Mia is my fav

    43. Karna Lopes

      Mia: Holy Shit It Is So Beautiful Patrick: DiD GoD JuSt TaKe A PoOp Me: DIES LAUGHING 😂😂😂😂

    44. WeirdoMia 2011

      Kovur and Patrick littraly attacking each other No one Not one soul Mia: grrrrrrrrr I should of gotten a tortia

    45. Tutorials with Layla

      Mia:oh god Mia:oh good I should have gotten a tortilla MIAS MY SPIRT ANIMAL

    46. miriam acosta

      big fan lol

    47. Kevin Souser

      love ur vids alex

    48. MiaSillyLion 123

      Paper looks so different now

    49. Ana Banana

      The spider they saw was tinyyyyy come to Australia we got the bird eating spider an 8 eyed jumping spider we got them all

    50. Carly Elliott

      How old is him

    51. Carly Elliott

      I like Ryland Is cute can you tell me

    52. Carly Elliott

      Z I like Rylan

    53. Precious Larry

      Mia: she said fuck you 😂😂she’s a whole mood😂😂who’s here in 2021

    54. The Leon King

      Me in 2021 rewatching this: black is sus

    55. Victoria Music

      This is so hilarious🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

    56. Connie Camilleri

      Mia: Oh god I should have gotten a tortilla 😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Halo Warriner

      Is it just me but I love Alex with brown hair and with brown he looks like John b haha 😂

    58. Amelia and Cecilia

      hey i love y’all

    59. Madyson Deshotel

      Ryland is like Angels mentore

    60. Camryn Bennett14

      That spider was tiny

    61. Trinity Shreve

      Do not vape pepper

    62. Trinity Shreve

      * me watching this a year after it is posted * lol

    63. Skye and Elizabeth

      I'm from Australia and just saying that spider is small af

    64. Ellie Troast

      Does anyone else watch these videos at 3am

    65. Mckinzie Flink

      No one: No one at all: Patrick punching the seat: I don't give a damn about your feelings

    66. Phoebe May

      Who is here in 2020

    67. ruben baez

      Hello Alex warren and kouvr is the best amp put her more in your videos bye

    68. Viry Munoz


    69. The Jover God

      dam the hype house uses all of alex stuff but not kouver. wtf

    70. Nicole Elsea

      Just a imagine that Alex said Hurricane tortilla more like the hurricane tortilla

    71. Mcytlynx

      Its thw camera not focusing on the spider for me.

    72. Alexa Marcenari

      It’s so funny when Mia says “ F**K YOU B” 😂😂😂

    73. bella

      No one Not even Patric and Kouvr fighting Mia: I should have got a tortilla

    74. Sienna Granatiero

      i miss Ryland being in almost the entire vlog. Now in the Hype House u barely see him in the vlogs.

      1. Party Power


    75. Chapie Not

      Mia just got played 😂😂

    76. Jennifer Edwards

      Alex: doing his Outro Angel: kisses Alex Alex:😊

    77. YJ - 05CM 804612 Alloa PS

      2020 anyone ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    78. Katie Holland

      And this is why Mia is my idol she is so funny

    79. Kamaljit singh

      Me watching this at like 2 am with 14 precent batttery on my tablet

    80. Kamaljit singh

      0:37 Mia regretting her life decisions Me:I feel you U-U

    81. its me lexi

      Tell him kouvr

    82. Dïñø Búñ

      Alex : it’s the biggest spider... Australians: I-

    83. Avery Dismuke

      mia before she got with thomas-

    84. Asha Hasen

      1:37 yall dont see this everyday/sweden

    85. Sparkle Morgan

      They were like 3 kids in the beginning 😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    86. Jess Gordon

      Mia is always high I swear 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Tia Kate

      I feel like every person in Alex's vlogs are separate moods lmao

    88. Hailey Mahnesmith

      i love this

    89. Jonas Pimentel

      Oh fuck no

    90. William Young

      gangster vape tricks lol

    91. William Young

      "frick vape"

    92. William Young

      yea go burn the tires and flore it on the grass!!

    93. Mariah Segovia

      My dad came to check on me while watching this.... this was funny for some reason. my sister said i was a weirdo because of it. :)

    94. Sebastian.p

      alex has gained hellla weight

    95. Arturo Urena

      i miss the old hype house :(

    96. Paul Lee

      Mia:she said f you b. Me girls code

    97. BruhMeme2

      It got 20k likeeesss

    98. Luke Joseph

      Mia is high


      Who’s watching this in 2020

    100. Aliegh Lowe

      I can’t believe that we have a spider😂😂calvin