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    In todays video I surprise the Hype House with Willy Wonka Tik Tok, Michael and Calvin ride birds all over Hollywood BLVD at 3AM, My friends and I follow Fletcher (HollyWood Fix) to see what he does all night, and I make fun of Tana Mongeau... Oh also, Paper goes snorkling in my bath tub.

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    1. Briana Vendetti

      32 seconds Had me dying from laughing

    2. PCS


    3. Jolene Higa

      Film with Addison againnn

    4. circus brother

      Hi Alex I Watch u every day

    5. Amanda Lewis

      How is that girl not in jail

    6. Ashanti Fernandez

      Be careful when you ride those down the hill cuz I rode 15 miles per hour down the hill and I got hit buy a pickup truck don't worry I'm okay the physical therapy hurt more than the pickup truck

    7. Peyton Porcha

      He said oopa loopa

    8. odd doll


    9. Lauren Kidwell

      4:02 lol my B-day is on the 17th

    10. Christian Chikino

      Who else thought that Willy Wonka was Larry

    11. Lauren Breslaw

      is it me or is kouvr thee mom of the house just me, ok :)

    12. Simplybasic

      Wait is no one going to talk about the fact that many people in the hype house drink under age Like if u agree that is f*cked up that they drink under age 👇

    13. Damien Shortt

      1:01 The board in the back: Rest in Peace George floyed #blacklivesmatter Micheal and Calvin: *respecting George floyd by fighting*

    14. Miss Afraa

      “Is it me or Willy Wonks gives me a vibe of larray lol”

    15. Nathaniel Mesngon

      Airrack looks like he's controlled by a ghost:)

    16. Salena Ramoutar


    17. E and J Gaming

      Tell your o not smoke cuz they will vie

    18. immy

      *4:26* *mitchell looks WAYYY different from the old vlogs*

    19. Nat Nat

      Willy wonka looks likes l a r r y

    20. Harold Styles

      1:08 Parent Alex has been activated



    22. Giada Grabowsky

      alex birthday after mine-

    23. Jade Beaut

      Tana only wants fame and lies about her age

    24. Xreams_scape

      Omg hi willy Wonka how are the children in your basement ?

    25. Taj Cassells

      is willy gay

    26. E and J Gaming


    27. Jade Productions

      I can't wait for his intro to say "hi I'm Alex and this is my wife Kouvr and these are my kids"

    28. Camille Daoust

      Alex is literally a the dad of the house 🤣😂

    29. Emily shorts


    30. brook to the broccoli

      2:29 am I the only one that saw that Alex has 2 different colour eyes

    31. Morgan Poche

      how did patty get a canes mask? has he been to LA?

    32. Kaos_Ibra

      Willy wonka is a good roaster HAAHA

    33. dudedauntless421

      My birthday is also on the 18

    34. Stella Francis

      I love how I have school tomorrow and I am staying up till 11:00 to watch his vid 👁👄👁

    35. Sarah Culakovski

      Remember Michael is in first grade and he doesn’t know what a red light is

    36. Sister Kayleee

      my little sister came up to me and wanted to watch this with me i'm like.... this isn't family friendly

    37. Triana Walker

      i meet markel at cheer he is so amazing

    38. Jessica Lomassaro

      I like this channel but I don’t think smoke good for you 😭

    39. Khloe Palmer

      when kouvr puts on the willy wonka song patty says fuck you kouvr

    40. Kaydence Bratcher

      i like how Alex is like the parent of the house lmao

    41. Best Fortnite nova

      Is it me or did I see “rest in peace George Floyd” at 1:01

    42. Crystaljacobs...

      Am I the only one who saw the rest in peace George floyd

    43. Katie

      Alex is like the parent of the kids

    44. Ramon Sio

      Istead of spending 20,000 dollars on weed just donate 20k to charity

    45. Editxshots

      thsi was posted the day after my bday

    46. Rachel

      patty’s sister is really pretty

    47. Kaydence Swaney

      Michael: it’s really steep I don’t want to go fast Me: 🤣🤣☺️☺️

    48. Jherm's Life

      BGclip be getting REAL COMFY with them double ads 🤬

    49. Lexi Blais

      I wOuLd LoVe To Be LiKe U gUyS

    50. Uyen Dinh

      I follow him on TikTok

    51. Ell_ ie

      Is it only in the UK that weed is ya know ILLEGAL!!!!

    52. Chimichanga 20

      In every video they are drunk, Michael is hitting a n kouvr , or they are getting bet up Sorry love you guys

    53. Taylor Riding


    54. Zalga1 Algayyim

      He is not Willy wonka

    55. Addison Price

      I feel like I would be Michael

    56. Pokémon Wilderness

      Subscribe to Caleb wilderness

    57. r o x y

      at first I didn't see that Larry and Willy Wonka look like each other but ever since this video I realised they are lowkey twins ! xD

    58. Tallulah Frost

      Alex is defantlly a true friend because he does not want them smoking and doing drugs that's a true freind

    59. Riley ostapiak

      Can we just appreciate how pretty Patrick’s sister is

    60. Sāra Miķelsone

      4:31 whats the name of the song?

    61. Dogforever100 000

      Willy wonky was a murderer cause everyone else never left but the one kid did ... Yeah.......

    62. Brandie Cooper

      If you Took off the hat he would look like Donald Trump

    63. Duhh.itzz. Moo

      I was on food stamps and EBT

      1. Duhh.itzz. Moo


    64. Tiktok Mashup

      Alex is such a dad and kouvr is such a mom

    65. Dumb Demayah

      Are we not going to talk about how Alex was being a father to patty and michael

    66. Hailey Woodfin


    67. Maya Marlow

      Willy winks is a guy called duke I know that’s my cosin

    68. Very much Too much

      Omg Willy wanka is my everything

    69. Tia P

      Thanks Alex now I know DONT MESS WITH TANA

    70. Maleah Carrillo

      When they were in the street😂

    71. karlie

      Micheal is so underrated. I love that man on a different level

    72. Lanai Corbin

      He did a hit a run 😂😂😂

    73. Andi Marie

      Tana really be like: I’m not like other girls, I spent 20,000 on weed.

    74. Mason Lane

      Comment on my post also I follow u on Twitter

    75. Mason Lane

      How old do u have to be to join the hype house

    76. Ella T

      Silly winks kind of looks like larray ok to me it does

    77. Scope

      My birthdays on the 18th

    78. janellee torres

      Awww warren dose care XD

    79. Ally_ Tumble101

      You should make longer videos

    80. Nell McBride

      also the notebook be lookin different

    81. Nell McBride

      hahahhaaa i dont have a trick but id love to play rock paper scissors like wha how is something so relatable

    82. Jazzlynn Manzanares

      Can i have WILLY WONKA hair


      Lol lol lol


      Tana: showering Everyone in the hype house: tana showers???????????

    85. Cheesey Mash

      More like Willy wanker

    86. Kai Chanthasinh

      I love how Alex was such a dad lol 😂

    87. Lil Dude

      Tana is trying to say high house

    88. Mylee K

      You should react to Tex Ritter rye Whiskey

    89. Sophia Brador Rodriguez

      this is my favorite vidddddd LMAOOOOO

    90. Teashaun Paraison

      Can I smoke

    91. Daniel Novick

      Is anyone else confused on who the audience is for these videos? They talk about drugs and alcohol frequently but all of the “stunts” and jokes seem like they would only be funny to 6-10 year olds.

    92. Olsa Alshiqi

      Alex has the best videos lol

    93. LazyLeah

      We have the same birthday

    94. kenzie szoke

      I’m not joking, I’m kind of surprised Michael and Calvin haven’t gotten arrested yet...

    95. Megan Octava

      I love they are all so friendly.. And were literally running on the road.. I want friends like them. UvU

    96. Lynne Harb

      Alex is like” get out of tge road”

    97. Brent Seepersad

      Willy Wonka is very like Larry

    98. stupixd_1


    99. sadcat vibe

      Alex: are you drunk? Patrik: no............................ yea

    100. Mihrab hldr

      hie house or hype house