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    In todays video I scare my girlfriend Kouvr while she was sleeping, I buy a dunk tank for the hype house, My brother and Patrick go to a bar, and I surprise Harry from Too Hot To Handle.


    Patrick and Calvin: ...

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    1. Arina Tee hee

      Jesus and God love us.turn to them before its too late!

    2. Maegan Mooring

      Way is your videos so short

    3. Kenzi Kenz

      Was that a hicky on Alex’s neck

    4. MAMABLOOD45

      3:46 literally me and my sisters when we were younger

    5. Justyce Hunter

      Am I the only one who seen the hickey on Alex’s neck 👁👄👁

    6. Jolene Higa

      im dead

    7. Lorenzo Santiago

      Dam Alex got bars tho

    8. Libby Davies

      K0uvr is gorgeous and amazing and positive

      1. Libby Davies

        And mia

    9. Libby Davies

      xD im like kouvr and mia

    10. Sarah Pundsack

      I’m just saying that kover is the strongest one in hype house

    11. isla8390 isla8390

      Pigeons are run by the government ask my brother he’s a pigeon god lol

    12. Fayth Spero

      I like the Chase said he said this chapstick play baseball lol

    13. Marlei Furino

      Upolu pa pattie

    14. Joanna Arciniegas

      The fact that Alex knows every word to the rapping part of fergilicous

    15. Chase is hot 🥵


    16. Arialina Luna

      Everybody: (silence 🤐) Alex's huge hickey: sup bros I'm right here 👁️👅👁️ just fooling around on this dude's neck

    17. Mack sebastian

      Poor Cover

    18. Cas Ann

      This chopstick played baseball

    19. Natalie Tomasino

      Patrick looks like chicken little😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Marz Jar

      The hickeyyyyyyyy lmaooooo

    21. Meera

      go awf chase!!!

    22. Gia Ruiz

      lol I love chase

    23. Jayda Welling

      He has a hickey

    24. Dawn Poitevint

      Look at his neck

    25. Halima Abdirahman

      Haha same🤣🤣

    26. It’s Jaya

      So nobody is gonna ignore the face kourvr had hit Alex in the nose

    27. Kyle Britt

      Alex, Kouvr, Clavin, Mia, Thomas, Patrick, Michale, Chase, Ryland, Jayden, Hootie and Connor Alex is taking about halloween costumes in my friends Connor is the flash, Michale is the Winy Wonky and Patrick is the loop lupa and Alex this is my good friend Harry he is on the hype house bit he is not in it and Michale put on the mask to jump scare Harry about his ex girlfriend broke up with him prank it’s funny Patrick and Calvin are learning new TikTock dance and Connor hands is under his pants Alex’s brother and Patrick are 21 drinking beer we own the beer is closed and we went to a different one and Mia is talking what is funny she owns the car and Alex’s brother hates the pageants and Patrick said don’t talk about the pageants like that and Alex is ready to prank Kouvr with the mask and he scared Kouvr and she hit Alex in the face it’s not cool but funny Alex said this is the dumb shit thing I bought this dunk tank on everyone and Connor said excuse me sir and Alex starts laughing and Michale is mocking at Patrick he can’t hit it and Mia and Kouvr dunk him it’s funny and Connor is mocking at Thomas, Hootie, , Chase, Clavin and Jayden Alex said if I make this you have to be my butler for 24 hours and performed naked do the thing here go sir Alex said thank you I love you guys Ohio


      Beautiful song Alex😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    29. Kennah Alexis Ry

      Why did he want papar naked 😳😳😳😳😳

    30. Felicia Blish

      bro alex u have a HUGE hickey on ur fing neck wtf

    31. kaleb macklin


    32. Potato And Chip




    34. hi_weirdo

      Chase is like MOTHERING THICC BOY lol

    35. Rosemary Gonzalez

      so did no one hear Tony say the n word after saying man you talking to much s**t 3:42

    36. 413x - _-

      Alex do got a hickey

    37. Mrs MARTINEZ


    38. Ciaran Plays

      When I saw the hickey on his neck I was like 😳KOUVER

    39. Rose Cuddy

      2:26 Alex has a hicky

    40. I Love  game master  network

      My My cousin make that song And dance

    41. Erinixia X

      Pool noodle leg 😂😂😂

    42. Brooke Maswela

      (Me: I'm not trying to be a hater lol 😂) Alex: "if I make this you have to be my butler for 24 hours and uniform is being naked!" Alex's mind: I am going to enjoy this. Even though I have a girlfriend.

    43. John Hill


    44. John Hill

      I like how kouver hits Alex but in the next part “ dunk tank” he has a hockey

    45. Editxshots

      anyone notice dixie in the back???

    46. Hanna VLOGS


    47. isaac herrera

      I wish I could be part of the alex team

    48. dont worry be happy

      Nobody: Not a soul: Alex with a hickey:

    49. Kev John

      Alex have a hickey on his neck in the dunktank bit

    50. Siimplyxamy

      Nobody: Legit nobody: Papper: hey fucking chopstick pool noodle leg- idk how to spell his name, don’t come at me Chase: this chopstick played baseball

    51. Haylie Chapman

      I think Conner should be the ompa lumper and Patrick should be the flash

    52. Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you

      Also ryland

    53. Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you

      And nick

    54. Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you

      Chase is so cute

    55. Ruth O Driscoll

      tHiS cHoPsTiCk PlAyEd BaSkEtBalL

    56. Tristyn Miller

      Does he have a hickey?????😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    57. Jesus Daily Gaming

      Kovour didn’t hesitate

    58. Fluffy Stuffie

      Everyone talking about chase but...Alex’s singing is good

    59. Lydia Mullins

      Was that a hickey on Alex’s neck at 2 31?

    60. Monica Untoro


    61. Nicholson Cariño


    62. Aalijah Wright

      alex has a hicky

    63. Amelia Tonks

      You should of done a pink princess dress as the uniform at the end

    64. Tsukishima hott Tsukishima

      idk why i ponted this out but is that a hiky alex?

    65. Maryjane tarin

      I saw your address

    66. SmOlL hOoOmAn

      Lol my favorite part is when u were singing lol Btw the vid was awesome like always

    67. iiJustVal


    68. Hannah Reese

      This video is proof that Alex Warren would never be a successful serial killer.

    69. Namjoons lost airpods

      U should become a singer lol

    70. Amy Evans

      I would always love use ur so funny

    71. Valeria plays Tocoworld

      We all Sall the Hickey

    72. Abbe Starnes

      Paper- This is a little harder than dancing you have to put more talent into it “tony hits the target” Tony- Man you talking to much s@!+ Me- 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. Abbe Starnes

      Paper- chopstick coming in over here Chase- this chopstick played base ball boyyyy” Me- HAHAHAHA

    74. alyssa neunsinger

      I lik see how he got mad at her self defense

    75. Madeline Harris

      nobody: the hickey on alexs neak

    76. Pumpkin Hope

      are we not going to PRAISE that cover- no ok i will do it maself (im binging his vids) i f^c^ing love him

    77. Baylee Fields

      2:26 does alex have a hickey lmaoo

    78. Ashley Echeverria

      I hope you enjoyed your naked butler 😂

    79. Luna Noor Urkedal

      are we not going to talk abt the fact Alex had a hickey on his neck

    80. Uhm.Ella's_roblox_Channel

      I started choking when clover hit him in the face it was to fuuny

    81. Parrapa The Rapper

      The wonderful taxicab prudently coil because brand sadly phone worth a educated slip. crooked, ajar shallot

    82. Madelyn Hemler

      Who else saw Dixie

    83. Taylor main

      Why does the red mark on Alex's neck look like a hickey Like if you agree

    84. Shawn Jaynes

      the ending be like a OOP

    85. Chason Moore

      I love Alex

    86. Laylaa Lehmannn

      Hey Alex, is that a fucking hickey on ya neck.?

    87. Claire Hui


    88. KimDallas BrealGraham

      1:06 i know this means nothing but the song was fergalicious

    89. evani

      i actually enjoyed alex’s cover up more than the real song

    90. sxchl0ee

      umm its the red stuff on your neck for me

    91. Lucero Joslyn Segura Galeana

      funny at the end

    92. Recordsalycia

      3:11 watch it all

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      3:46 is that a hickey-

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      Me when papper called chase a ChOpStIk " uhum NOOOO " Me when chase hit the buser " YESS MAN YOU GO BRUDAAA WOOOOOOO "

    95. Jungkooks Warm Heart

      Did alex get a hickey 2:31

    96. gavin galluzzo

      Sup ooooofffff

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      Pple who saw the hickey

    98. TD - 04BC 835991 Worthington PS

      Wow u swere a lot that’s why i like ur channel

    99. Darkash18 Gacha life

      Party: u fucking suck Michael ur never gonna hit it Michael : hits is

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      2:30 yo does this man have a hickey on his neck