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    In todays video my best friends try a birth simulator, Charli Damelio and I recreate her viral youtube intro, I prank my roommate Daisy Keech, and Calvin and patrick are crackheads at 3AM...
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    1. Alina gaming C


    2. Therese Menassa

      That’s what I call Charli she has a snoop Dogg shirt

    3. Siblings Riot

      Alex: it’s three AM and Calvin isn’t letting us sleep: me: SINCE WHEN DO YOU GUYS SLEEP

    4. Cynthia Medina

      Natile rong yt 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    5. LeAnna Condo

      Oh my God I mean 10 minutes by

    6. Sign In

      It just shows how mature girls are to boys

    7. Isabella Hawley

      The boys are literally SCREAMING and The girls are only saying ow because the girls are used to it

    8. Zoe Woodward

      That is me at 3 in the morning but the thing is I am not high

    9. Cashious Massicotte

      How the FUCK do you stil live with Calvin and Patrick

    10. Gael Antonio


    11. Chine McNair

      do u have a tik tok

    12. shamaa Ghazal

      Who’s watching in it in 2021 and miss all of them together 🥺💔👉🏼👈🏼

      1. Averie


    13. Ella


    14. Anastasia Knutsen

      Why r there bloopers the whole thing is a giant blooper 😂

    15. Marna Kristine Jørgensen

      whos herein 2021

    16. Peighton Catherine

      Who’s here in 2021 and misses everyone

      1. Averie


    17. Alisha

      Who else is watchin Alex’s old vids

      1. Averie


    18. Daisy Royal9818


    19. Daisy Royal9818


    20. Daisy Royal9818


    21. Daisy Royal9818


    22. Daisy Royal9818


    23. Daisy Royal9818

      4:13 for the ones

    24. Daisy Royal9818


    25. Mariam margvelashvilimariami


    26. Mariam margvelashvilimariami

      Ccff Cc C C Ccc C Cc C Cc C C C Cc C C C C C Cc C C C Cc C C C C C C C Cc C C C C C C Cc

      1. Averie


    27. Mariam margvelashvilimariami

      You can see if you have any other questions or concerns 🙊🥺

    28. Daisy Royal9818

      Yeah i would just run away

    29. Evelyn Sue

      OMG I love Charli

    30. David Hall


    31. Benjamin John Chen

      I miss the good old days

    32. Adan Aguilera

      Charli that's how you have a baby

    33. Jessica Lamprell

      Only girls can do the thing on the walk

    34. Paige xoxo Osborne xoxo

      I love Patrick’s explanation about seeing the fourth demention, I love it 😻

    35. just yuliana

      "Natalie oh fu*k the wrong youtuber" 😂🤣

    36. Ava Harris

      “Why do you get so scared?” “I get anxiety when I smoke weed” That had me 😂

    37. Manda Cheong

      This is y women only give birth

    38. veronica aviles

      Hi love your vidos

    39. chwrsavalon


    40. zaxoliv

      men finally understand the pain to give birth

    41. mariana Macias

      Here's the who is here in 2021 comment u were looking for


      i miss when they were all friends :/

    43. Rebecca o'Shea

      2021 anyone?

    44. Emilia Galysa

      The girl just say owww While the boys yell OWWWWW

    45. Rania R

      So conclusion: *ALL PAYNE NO LIAM*

    46. Clementine Wheeler

      Thomas looks so different

    47. Rachel Carre

      Why does it seem like every time it hurts she looks at Dixie. Sister love

    48. Truly Saucy

      this vid was made on my birthday and also my sister is giving birth today lmao \

    49. Kareena Soogrim

      0:47 that was so funny

    50. fallen tiktok angel

      Was this before covid

    51. Madi Vlogs

      Anyone here in 2021 ?

    52. Bella ak


    53. Atsumu’s Jersey

      What was her name I could hear was it Daisy or anything else

    54. Phillip Dawson

      When I saw Charlie I'm like CHARLIE IM A BIG FAN

    55. Somary Soun

      People that love Alex warren 👇🏼

    56. Angely Rivera

      I love when you said Natalie!!😂😂😂😂

    57. Kimi Love

      In the first part I swear this is how the nerd squad in school acts lol 😂😆🤣 I am going to take my rocketship sponsored by Tesla lol 😂🤣

    58. Panic Amv

      2021??? This is my favorite vlog❤️🥺

    59. Lyra Lyrics

      3:50 for me ;)

    60. Yuh

      Cant believe this was a year ago😭

    61. Lauren Wilson

      when patty said I think I know how to create a black hole I almost died!

    62. ellaa


    63. gsrhottie

      Hii this is my mom acc but my name is Kim and all I want to say I miss the old days☹️☹️☹️😩😩

    64. Sofia Martinez

      When he called Natalie I got so confused

    65. Kishabel Network


    66. Nathaly Hernandez

      Alex: NATHALY fuck wrong BGclipr Me: that is my name OMG

    67. Cara Fern

      Whered larri go

    68. theeheroin Mother

      Who here on 2021

    69. Molly Meyers

      I fell like Alex always says it f***ing three a.m

    70. Wajomba Mwaghania

      The Natalie part😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈.....I can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈

    71. Bojana Gvozdenovic

      This is evidence that girls are more stronger than guys


      No one- Patrick- “ I might have found a way to see into the fourth dimension.” 😂👏🏻👏🏻

      1. Kids Kids


    73. Oxua Espino


    74. Zsoltne Kalo

      Bryce at the end was so so so cuteeee

    75. Riley Bear

      Charlie: throwing up face like the cat that smelled broccoli

    76. Ansleigh Lewis

      The boys acting like their dying then Charli being fine

      1. Dixie D'Amelio

        she's just used to the pain probably

    77. farria

      this feels like a day ago what??

    78. vix

      Wen he tried calling for Natalie✋😭

    79. Hailee -

      i love how the boys felt so much pain and charli was just like ow

    80. Taylah White

      Lol I’m watching this at 3 am

    81. Sadie

      Nobody: Nobody at all: Patrick: I am going to take my Tesla and drive it though a black hole. Calvin: I am going to go in a black hole and come out the other end.

    82. fancybaby

      Felt so bad for charli when she asked if she had to show her stomach 🥺🥺 body image problems are so real x

    83. ness

      1 year ago guys😞😞

    84. shook jung

      I can't believe that it's already one year since Alex's posted this

    85. Shamyca

      I miss the old hype house and sway house

    86. Jenna Jones

      notice that the video is posted on december 2 but she came from thanks giving diner,,,,,,,.....

    87. Ella Spangler

      That whole time kouver was doing this... 😁

    88. Steven Arson

      I love your channel I am a big fan of the hype house

    89. Inturupting Cow

      daisy got him back by leaving the hype house

    90. layla Y

      this poped up on my recomened and i started bawling when it said 1 year ago

    91. Madisyn Davis

      Hahaha hey

    92. Thomas Vance

      proor charli i cryed :( is she ok

    93. Among Us

      I have been looking for this video forever because of 00:52 - 2:14

    94. Lilly Brunnick


    95. Jonathan Gonzalez Ochoa

      poor charli

    96. Michaela Eagles

      You know what’s funny? A couple of years ago, Stephen hawking found out that things vaporize in black holes-meaning it’s the only way that matter can just, well, disappear. Patrick is completely wrong about the black hole thing. But the 4th dimension thing-there’s like 20 something dimensions. Just saying.

    97. Kalista Reaume

      who else saw bryce's smile at the end

    98. Mai Khang

      He like blackpink kill this Love

    99. Michelle Korver

      boys: hyperventilating girls: dude, it's not even doing anything