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    In todays video Charli D'amelio confronts her high school bully, Patrick launches off a rocket, I confront Harry on Too Hot To Handle, my car gets upgraded, and we go back to school.
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    1. Eamon Mellett

      this before or after richness and fame

    2. Eamon Mellett

      why she getting bullied she can buy everyone in her school 100x and hire like 1000000000 thugs to beat up those bullies

    3. Mallorie Stafford

      Am I the only who thinks Harry is funny? 😂

    4. Kayla_PlayzRoblox_ Rose

      the part where they exposed harry i laughed so hard~

    5. MADDYY Powerful

      Harry is like I never lied Alex is pots on a show has Harry lied in the show

    6. April payne

      I stepped on a pushpin 📌

      1. Jen San

        i love his humor tbh hahahahhah

    7. Peter smith

      can you make longer videos?

    8. a r m y. _ . d o g

      Congratulations!!!!! You Pool Is Now Full Of Coke!!!

    9. Mig Och

      Happy birthday

    10. Lauren kidwell

      Lol your b-day is Right after mine😂

    11. Nikolas Magill

      This is cancerous

    12. Jemmas World

      O love bagel bites I would eat them

    13. Mr.potatoman

      Cool story but who tf asked

    14. m4ns. art




    16. Luna Zada

      You're just bloging

    17. Alondra Rosas

      Jk I’m sorry 😆

    18. Alondra Rosas

      Ugh......your videos SUCK you hear me!!!!!!

    19. Epic_ Robloxian

      UMMM... okkkk...

    20. Aurora Stoor

      Alex you are so amazing you are so nice I love your friends ❤️

    21. Ellie

      Charlis bully’s better be sorry now there in double trouble

    22. YT Fuad

      make your own alex warren game

    23. Swathi Dumpa

      me the whole video 😐

    24. TZC_Thoughts

      Getting famous off comments day 13, so I can live the dream, live every day like it’s your last day 🤙 currently on 179

    25. Kristie Pitts


    26. Ambreanna Mixon

      i love you all so much

    27. NavyPxps

      I’m watching this I look at my arm for some reasons and I see paint from earlier....Yay

    28. Lily Ramos

      you guys are so funny

    29. The Three Adventure Girls

      This was so so funny

    30. PREDATOR X

      i wudnt be surprised she got bullied

    31. Tay’s fun World

      Who’s watching this after Dixie and Noah are dating

    32. Shai Parker

      Who else realised that there was no "crumfronting" charlies bully lol y'all suck

    33. Isabel Garcia Garcia

      Michael: We’re in a bad area Patty: I stepped on a push pin Alex: *Laughing*

    34. Max Milizia

      Alex:We're gonna confront Charli's highschool bully Nobody: Me:Sooooooo whens it gonna happen

    35. Adison Radke-Chism

      don't you love how they wear each others merch all the time

    36. Madison Gates

      I love how his vids are so random

    37. Oliver Moss

      So you moved into the old faze house

    38. SkeptiCcA bRuh

      He has my respect for bullying her

    39. Lola Vincent

      i have the same catscratch as you

    40. Kiranjit Chahal

      .................................Literally no one ................................Nobody at all ................................BOYS ARE SLAPPING CHARLI AROUND THE FACE

    41. ItsYeBoiEddyTheTeddy

      i like the vibes here!

    42. Monique Russell

      Black: I love snacks Alex: Shut the f up

    43. Sean Chan

      Where the people who heard Charli say dipshit in the og video

    44. Tracey Jones

      Next time you see Charley let her know that she may be afraid of snakes but I touch the python

    45. To the nursery and beyond valore

      u have tried this rocket thingy before. U did it with patty at the old hype house

    46. rita reggio


    47. rita reggio

      #America's next influencer

    48. inner agent 3

      i like his car cause its loud its blacked out like mines and shoots flames

    49. Justin Brown

      larry realy said -pulls hair cutely-

    50. Mimmie Payne

      Jesus Christ loves you

    51. Hana Hesham

      he’s so unproblematic and just having fun and i’m here for it

    52. Natalia Belov

      not cool

    53. Cheeto

      Wait why were they all in that classroom type thing? Was that a video of its own?

    54. faxe hruaia

      End your video at 4.21 min plsssss

    55. P Pas

      Alex- if you remember back in the day i used to do these bottle rockets My good ass memory- I REMEMBERRRRRRRr

    56. Jayde Scholes

      Wait he was on love is land

    57. Daisy Royal9818


    58. 1M Subs

    59. elegra lawrence

      CEO of clickbait

    60. abby Gilmore

      The guy in the bass hat bought that from my papas shop and y’all can say I’m Lying but and that’s okay if you want to but at least I know it’s true!

    61. Slate Eugenio

      Alex who did ur car wrap and upgraded ur engine

    62. ALJ Toys

      When he said I stepped on a pushpin all I could remember was the time I did that but with no shoes on or socks and a random person had to help me get it out of my foot 🥲🥲🥲

    63. victor etilo

      Okay but why is your intro so good

    64. Brylee Bradford

      Patrick: “that what you get for eating my bagel bites ya bleep” Michel: “your still a midget” *michel goes back to bed*

    65. Alia Pennington

      How do I watch the whole thing??

    66. Da Pigbear

      That bully is exempted from being a bully from the anti-bullying league starting now

    67. 약하다 cloudy

      noah is literally simping for everyone XDDDDDDDD

    68. Kaosara Agboluaje

      No one Alex : I shouldt bring in the snacks for everyone Blake: I love snacks Alex : shut the f*ck up

    69. furious gaming

    70. Jeff Leclau

      I love how Noah always has a sunshine smile

    71. Sarah King

      The bottle thing should of been papa

    72. Alysson


    73. Random Coconut

      Me going on all my yt accs and liking my own comment 😂 then sayin woah this comment said yes 😂

    74. Eva Freeman


    75. Eva Freeman

      They just video themselves then watch it.... Total sociopaths

    76. Tempie Dichter


    77. Mxra_amongus 2007

      OMG CHARLI D'AMELIO IS BULLYING ME'' lol Larry makes my day


      Kover Alex has Hair and in the drying he doesn’t

    79. emmielakee

      Patrick is a mood

    80. Rachel Renfrow

      Hey hi yea um my teacher is Mrs warren and I found you so are you related to Stacy Warren

    81. Grace Theal

      Alex: buy my merch Also Alex: (wearing James’s mearch)

    82. Jennifer Riddle

      No one: harry:I never lie 👉👈

    83. C o c o n u t

      This was posted on my bday last year :)

    84. Sydney Siders

      Blake- I like snacks. Me- I do too

    85. MiaSillyLion 123

      Patrick acts like a 4yr and I love it

    86. Sara Cutts

      Will Charlie ever go back to the hype house I miss her it makes me sad🥺🥺🥺🥺

    87. Faith Warren

      I love this

    88. Flyy Girl

      In my case, I wish I can confront those who talked to me & treated me like shit in 4th, 5th, & middle school more than high school 🥴💀 my freshman year was hot asf bc I was at my most problematic, but yea

    89. M8ely D

      Kover in the back round at the The outtrough

    90. Melek Kisla

      Drunk guys on the loose-

    91. Sia Playz YT

      Wait no way I was just watching a video it had the same music then I clicked on this and it left off on the same note 😳

    92. Flutter Army!

      Why do you guys swear it’s kind of rude?

    93. Brylee Bradford

      Larry: doesn’t even pass a note Charli: NO PASSING NOTES IN CLASS!!! Everyone else: “stares”

    94. Diamonds

      So i got clickbaited Not the first time

    95. Laiqa Salie

      Patrick and Michael is the best

    96. Jazmin Smith

      Patt and Michael are such moods 😂

    97. Jordynn Perry

      Does he know that we can see his plate

    98. khushi patel

      Alex shows his merch while he’s wearing james 😌

    99. noreen galil

      i love the start lol

    100. Taslim Mind your godamn business

      1:19 is this a movie if so can you tell me the name