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    In today's video my friends and I wear long acrylic nails for 24 hours, Iley and Patrick have their first argument, We pick up Angel from school, We trick Paper into breaking his IPad, and I turn 19!! TODAYS MY BIRFDAY!!
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    1. Daniella Martynov

      Last time I was this early, Alex and Thomas didn't have a child together

      1. Natalia Kristoforska

        @Urmomgai61 omj

      2. Natalia Kristoforska


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        dupme ass

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        Asmr Grace they can then how was I born

    2. Danielle Millikin

      Hi love you❤😘🤟

    3. Spencer Eastburn

      i have had long acrylic nails on all my life

    4. Jucyria Womack

      My Birthday is September 15th


      I literally have long nails on right now and it's not that hard

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    8. Siblings Riot


    9. Aiden Ellis

      I Just noticed that my birthday is September 17 and Alex's is September 18

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      living with the boyz be like:

    11. Sophie Bailey

      Who is the best yt couple: Alex and kouver Brent and Pierson Dom and sofie Noah and Dixie Reply who u think

    12. Natalia Kristoforska

      Dziękuję za informację o to chodzi mi o te wszystkie lata bbbnnnnnnnn

    13. Natalia Kristoforska

      Hi alix

    14. Hayley Yupa

      Calvin like there sad

    15. Marvel Fan

      This is everything

    16. Marvel Fan

      This is awsome

    17. Jade Hanna

      I thought you were 21

      1. Bob Ross's painting

        This vid is from 2019

    18. Lila Drickamer

      Love you kover

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    20. Janaria Lang

      Did you guys hear her arm pop. Ouch that must have hurt.

    21. Janaria Lang

      Is Iley Patrick sister or what

    22. Montana Yeley

      Sorry sorry sorry "...Bitch"

    23. Kamiyah love

      Honestly Calvin is cute

    24. Abbie Kesler

      Omg Calvin looks like Justin Bieber

    25. Parrapa The Rapper

      The conscious crowd perinatally whirl because word posteriorly bomb opposite a jagged girdle. boiling, maniacal crocus

    26. Sky Ward

      you guys should do this again but all of the members have to do it lol

    27. Matthew Munoz

      I feel bad for clavin did anyone see his face

    28. Matthew Munoz

      I think ad I can be wrong but I think see Papper black eye I think


      why does patty look 10x tanner in this video then any other video?

    30. Daniela Gaytan Garcia

      it is not hard to have nails it is so easy i can do anything with then there so long and happy birthday Alex💅💅💅💅💅💅💅🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    31. Parrapa The Rapper

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    32. Parrapa The Rapper

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    33. Marvel 852

      0:06 my cat has the Same cat toy and she is a savanna cat

    34. Naomi Shute

      Hi I know you will not see this but I love you and The hypehouse

    35. bakerjo78

      I have a huge crush on rylandstormss

    36. shreya sooraj

      wow I'm late

    37. Fooking Avocados

      Umm.. I feel as if Ry secretly always getting acrylics/false ads why he’s a pro at everything so far.. ps I’m up to 2:45

    38. Sara Flinn

      Why cant he lose his verginity i mean he even looks like a vergin and acts like one to and i am 12 and lost my verginity and he cant.....wow he has to be cursed by something or anything like the gate that was cool and then saying not putting that in but u made a joke of him being a vergin good friend i mean really love it

    39. Elizabeth Hall

      Literally nobody: Patty: Calvin is virgin

    40. Hailee Keller

      You are so funny 😂

    41. Joanne Gallas

      You guys are crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. elizabethina HR

      i think i like better Patrick n alexs vlogs

    43. Uctdruxkgx Fuxlhcgic

      Lmao why do they all look so different yet the same 😭✋🏼

    44. B⃠L⃠U⃠E⃠ D⃠E⃠M⃠O⃠N⃠

      I thought you were 20

    45. Kyle Britt

      Alex, Kouvr, Clavin, Mia, Patrick, Angle, Lily and Connor is playing with a Alex’s cat and phone call and he said I be down 10 minutes Alex is starting to laughing at Connor its funny amazing and two annoying dolphins are Clavin and Patrick fight over food in the mouth Clavin fight Patrick for it and Clavin push him out of his way for the food and Kouvr said how to be a girl 24 hours and the end Alex, Clavin, Patrick and Connor throw food at Alex fight Clavin because he throw food at first

    46. Heather Sangenette

      Happy birthday Alxes


      bro I thought he was like 27 not 19

    48. Sunny Sunflowers

      Everyone fucking subscribe

    49. Rory Fisher

      0:00 the cat’s face is so concerned lol!

    50. JJ27DIY

      Rylan is the best with the nails at least I think that’s his name I’m pretty sure

    51. Mila Howes

      Does anyone ever want to see this in person and like be a part of the hype house

    52. Lilly M.

      You and Thomas have a child? Man how much did I miss?

    53. Cassie Noble

      Hi sisters

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      lol funny

    55. Layla_Limelight

      I love how close calvin and patty are

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      Happy birthday alex :)

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    58. Katrina McCarthy


    59. Katrina McCarthy


    60. Katrina McCarthy


    61. michael remley jr

      It’s weird to see Ellen with some long nails

    62. Jade Aranda

      I feel so bad for Calvin

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    64. Addy Emma Real life Vlogs


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      Happy birthday Alex

    66. Its me ross Mccallum

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      Happy birthday but I late me a bich

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      Oh it's broken.

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      Nvm I thot y'all were James Charles in the thumbnail xD

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      You guys look stupid with your nails

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      I am a big fan of your vlogs

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      Alex saying that Calvin is his fav me:WHAT ABOUT KOUVR??!!

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      Is it just me or does anyone else think that Patrick would look ✨good✨as a girl


      whats your kids name hes cute😂

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      My big sister just told my mom I’m not a Virgin I’m about to get my ass kicked😂

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      ...............bitch All right guys I’m officially 19 years old

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      I wish my friends were as crazy as yours

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      now hes 20 yay

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      I love your videos they are so funny

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      im in 2020 here lol andddddd his bday is tommarow actually in like a couple mins :)

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