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    In todays video I put Larray's house up for sale and hired actors to tour the home, I built a waterpark in my driveway, Paper becomes cupid for Valentines Day, and Vinnie Hacker shows me a surprise.
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    1. Victor Gonzalez

      Dude Lmaoo so far good I jst be forgetting to comment I be high af but about to finish and I don’t want to

    2. Megumi Kiyota

      is larry's house james' old home?

    3. SJ Younty

      Larrays face when he sais musty

    4. William Armstrong


    5. Jhenniahlizplays

      omg is that u cupid

    6. Grace rose

      Larray is so funny when Alex sale his house

    7. Harriet Whitehouse

      I might be super late to say this...but isn't Larrys house James Charles house?!

    8. Charlie flores

      Vinnie is like chase

    9. Nazrin Nazeer Nazrin

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    10. Henry Kk

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    11. Mimi Alharbi


    12. Best Friends!

      Me binging these videos like “😃🙂”

    13. Nikita Thoeun-Ly


    14. lakewood05

      Pls tell me the song you play for when you show your merch I love it to I bought some

    15. Daniel Anguiano

      2:06, Dennis & Lara!!!

    16. awsome vibes

      Ok is it just me but arw his videos geting shortek every video

    17. hermionesowl

      I want what ever Patrick and Calvin are on🤣

    18. Elizabeth Ann

      I can’t wait till his videos are 10+ minutes long

    19. Misty Shakespeare

      What if they had a family channel this is my wife covert these are my kids and these are my pets

    20. Gonzalez Gonzalez

      I like how larray said cAllAtE

    21. Jordan Masker


    22. Aaliyahvlogs

      Who saw Addison

    23. Madison Gamble

      Why are you trying to hide that Larry literally lives in James Charles‘s old house

    24. Brielle Davis

      larrays house used to be james old house 😂

    25. Amalia Zepeda

      El callate de larray JAJAJAJA

    26. brenda Santos

      No one:.... Larri:its modern FETCH

    27. Iatefrogyuh

      The fact that he swallow swords is just-😂

    28. Breanna Vandiver

      I watch this video almost every day and I think that Vinne and Michael would be a great couple! What do you think?

    29. Verenity cleveland

      He fell

    30. Nanayunii YT

      I was the first viewer

    31. Natalie Soto


    32. Donna Mcdonald

      D: ......

    33. Rachel, Tidman

      Straight up Paper really fucking hot

    34. Rhylie Vsp

      0:48 me trying to impress my crush:

    35. Jayden Barrios

      Gives me very much jake Paul vibes

    36. Finley Walz

      Is no one going to talk about how funny Vinnie and Michaels Wall is 😂

    37. Oceanbreezq

      Alex’s intro is gonna become hi I’m Alex this is my wife Kover these are my kids and these are my animals 🐶🦊🐶🐱🐻🐼🐮🐷🐻‍❄️🙉🐻‍❄️🐤🦅🐼🦁🐗🐒🐜🦗🕷🕸🪳🦄🐦🐧🐥🪱🦗🦗🕷🦖🦕🦀🦞🐟🐟🐠🐋🐋🦭🦍🦧🦣🦣🐋🐠🐬🦞🦎🪲🐌🦆🙈🦁🐷🐱🐶

    38. Amaya Anderson

      The dogs dragged down patrick😭😭

    39. Pickle MasterCard

      Subscribe to technoblade

    40. Abby Stichauf

      can you make your videos longerr please!!!

    41. Kristi Bowen

      Put vinnie in you videos more

    42. Meaty Yeeter

      I wonder what this vlog is similar to....

    43. boomer the golden boy

      bgclip.info/run/jJicfYKrlK3ezn4/video I love this video

    44. I'm a person

      They can make a huge pond

    45. Mango Play Music

      I was just waiting for this one.

    46. Deep Music


    47. Best Twitch Moments

      Michael and Vinnie have the best friendship out of all of them. (who agrees)

    48. Draven Bourque

      People find this stuff watchable smh

    49. Adooma Tv


    50. Kiara kiarakirch


    51. NATE

      Wait why are looking for that it wouldn’t fit all of ur friends

    52. Anaya Littlewood

      Can you tell Tony lopez I love him and I wish I could meat him because he seems like a really nice and chill guy xx🥰😍

    53. Michell Tapia


    54. Lucy Painter

      did not realise that Larray lives in James Charles's old house

    55. Mango Play Music

      I was just waiting for this one.

    56. Deep Music

      Cyrus: "I have a riddle for you."

    57. Best Twitch Moments

      I’m the Actress that played the wife for the prank! My boyfriend Dennis is the actor that played my Husband. I’ve been a fan of LARRAY before all this. When we got the the gig, they didn’t tell me til 5 minutes before that we were pranking him. So I had to keep my cool throughout the whole prank LOL

    58. PixieQuin

      put on some chapstick

    59. BrianLel Gaming

      I'm cupid bitch!

    60. BrianLel Gaming

      There is no bright side!😂😂

    61. Mango Play Music

      Who else is an Alex fan?

    62. Deep Music

      I’m the Actress that played the wife for the prank! My boyfriend Dennis is the actor that played my Husband. I’ve been a fan of LARRAY before all this. When we got the the gig, they didn’t tell me til 5 minutes before that we were pranking him. So I had to keep my cool throughout the whole prank LOL

    63. Best Twitch Moments

      no one: literally no one:

    64. Temi GUNN

      Am I the only one who just absolutely loves the intro to much

    65. Spencer Lala

      The fact that me see8ng papers stretch marks gave me a boost of confidence says something

    66. Alexis Burgess

      OMGGG What has really small balls and hangs down?? A bat What has really big balls and hangs up?? *hangs up*

    67. Deep Music

      No English Speakers" PLEASEEE PLASEE"

    68. Best Twitch Moments

      nobody: not even Draco Malfoy:

    69. Brooklyn Hale

      Haha I love his videos I want more

    70. Josh Jellard

      Can we have a video of you going surfing please luv the content

    71. Ashley_meh_

      Alex: so it’s been getting warmer here The snow falling outside 👁👄👁

    72. Hildur Gunnarsdóttir

      OMG funny

    73. Jesse Beveridge

      I have watched all your videos

    74. Samantha Niles

      So true

    75. Amy Biittner

      take kouvr to iowa there A LOT OF SNOW also i want to meet her:)

    76. LAcey Jones

      Alex: what happened? conner/paper: he fell

    77. Natalyah Valentina

      In your next vlog you should put maple syrup on all of Thomas’s cars

    78. Natalie Lawson

      What’s the song name at the ebd

    79. Mya Mcbride

      Bloody diarrhea😱😵

      1. Mya Mcbride

        @Joselyne M do you like it

      2. Joselyne M


    80. Lambowrap_YT

      I came from impassive

    81. Lea Xrv

      Omg your videos are the thing that make me smile

    82. James Doherty

      Hi Alex

    83. Mango Play Music

      Congratulations to all those who are early, and who have made this comment?

    84. Deep Music

      No one:-None:

    85. Best Twitch Moments

      “No hables inglés” PLEASEE

    86. joe mama

      The dislikes are from the people who wanted Vinnie to hold their head on his wall

    87. Lexi_ Who actually am I tho

      📃sign this paper to get kouver ans alex married ☆

    88. nickema marin

      Larry is a mood😂😜

    89. Romelia Lopez

      It’s snowing here- 😭😭😭

    90. Joanna Arciniegas

      Alex: “It’s been getting pretty hot here”. Me: I live in New Jersey and I beg to differ

    91. Crystal Campbell

      Can u make your funny videos LONGER?! and Kouvr?

    92. Michael Murray

      you make my fucking day amazeing

    93. David Clark

      Vinnie is like the Josh Richards but in the Hype House

    94. Cavazos Chris

      he’s trying be like daviddobrick

    95. Cavazos Chris

      when trying be like daviddobrick

    96. Wolf GamerGirl

      Nobody: Vinnie: Gets a painting of himself holding Michael's head